Computer Science 1

Hello and welcome to my "glorious" website! My name is Dean, and I will show you what I have done!
Expect some trolls, laughs, and awesomeness as I take you through the world of GITA 1.
We are learning to code in C# (or Db if you're more of the musical type). It is very fun to learn code.
I will still "tech" over the world by programming Windows apps. I'm SO original...
Also, check out my second semester works here.

Goodbye Program

Date: 9/12/17

Our first project, the Goodbye program helps you make buttons that say "goodbye" in many languages, like German and French.

Help Page

Date: 9/17/17

Need help beating an FSG game? Want to find the best way to farm circles? Come here and we'll help you out! Also, free cookies! Shh...

Mailing Label

Date: 9/21/17

How do companies know who you are? Let them know more by giving them your info! Warning: they may stalk you...

ChatterBox Program

Date: 9/28/17

A side project I randomly thunked up in September. I have made many minor adjustments since then, but it is an insanely cool program. Good luck! You'll need it...

Car Rental

Date: 10/10/17

Wanna rent a car?! Well, here it is! The DEMM Car Company is up and ready to ROLL! Never mind the fact that we have WHEEL-y good prices!

BMI Program

Date: 10/15/17

In this program you can check your BMI and feel self-conscious about yourself. YAY! I, for one, have a BMI of 15.9.

Test Scores

Date: 10/21/17

Ever wanted to find the average of two test scores? Well, now you can! Just don't be afraid...

Roll The Dice!

Date: 10/30/17

In this program, we rolled two dice and found the probability of the results.

Craps Game

Date: 11/3/17

No, I did not just cuss at you. There is a game of this name. Look it up, or play it here!

$lot Machine

Date: 11/6/17

An in$ane $lot machine and no money lo$$! It may $ound like a dream, but it i$ right here in front of your very eye$! Win a few game$, and you'll be dancing like you've actually won a million buck$!

Want to see the place where I found my dank skillz? Click here to check it out.

Ooh! Click me! I will show you how to make stuff like this!

Ha! Tricked you again! What am I even doing anymore?


If you need advice on how to code a button or whatever,
stop me in the halls (unless I'm between 5th and 6th period,
in which case I'm going from Ramos to Cornett so I need
all the time in the world) or email me at
Don't call me though, because I probably won't answer you... sorry ;(
And I won't give you my phone number for security reasons.
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